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A startling finding comes from John Gottman, one of the most accomplished and respected researchers in the field of relationship counseling:  When parents-to-be engage in a particular program of couple therapy and new parent education whether they need it or not, their babies are likely to be happier, more serene, and more developmentally advanced than babies born to parents who do not make this extra, up-front investment in their relationship.  In other words, it appears that when parents take the time to improve their relationship with each other – even when they seem to be doing just fine - 

benefits accrue to their children and to their own potential for parental sanity.


Although Emotionally Focused Family Therapy is a more recent application of EFT, it proceeds from the same relational perspective as does Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy. It provides the same attention to creating secure emotional bonds in order to strengthen a family's ability to cope with difficult circumstances and challenges.  For more information on EFT, see the "About EFT" tab on this site or click here.

Jay L. Lebow, Ph.D.

writes in Couple and Family Therapy: An Integrative Map of the Territory (2014)...


"The strong association between the quality of key family relationships and most other aspects of human well-being (psychological, social, or biological) is among the best-established findings in social science..."

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