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Journeys for Couples

  • Relationship Repair and  Reinvigoration

  • Hold Me Tight Workshops  and Sessions


The surprisingly recent idea that we are stronger and healthier as individuals when we are in secure relationships has been a game-changer for couples seeking help for relational issues. 

We now know

  • that individuals are never so independent, confident, worry-free, and courageous as when someone they trust has their back - and

  • that the feeling of having to face the world alone makes us susceptible to a host of psychological and physical symptoms including depression, anxiety, and trauma.


The scientific research that has validated this understanding of emotional maturity and well-being has also provided the theoretical foundation for what is proving to be the most effective form of relational coaching and therapy for couples available today: Emotionally Focused Therapy or EFT.  


EFT and its educational component, the Hold Me Tight program, is used all over the world with diverse populations and cultures in private practice, university training centers, and mental health clinics and centers. It has proven its worth for couples in a wide array of circumstances - from couples in relational despair to couples seeking pre-commitment counseling to couples hoping to recapture the sparkle in a basically healthy relationship. EFT has helped couples access the healing power of a close, secure connection when a partner suffers from depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, or chronic illness. Couples facing stressful situations such as the illness or death of a child have also benefitted.  

Although Melinda has hung up her therapeutic hat, she still offers the educational component of EFT known as Hold Me Tight: Conversations for Connection.


Couples who have worked with Melinda report

  • Improved communication,

  • Ability to engage with each other in more creative and effective problem-solving,

  • Strengthened trust,

  • Feelings of being more connected, hopeful, and in love,

  • Renewed feeling of collaboration and partnership,

  • Ability to parent more effectively,

  • Ability to better understand and appreciate each other’s differences,

  • Improved ability to overcome past disappointments and to heal emotional wounds.


For more information on EFT, click here or on the "About EFT" heading under the Couple Journeys tab above.

For more information on the Hold Me Tight program, click here or on the "HOLD ME TIGHT Program" heading under the Couple Journeys tab above. 


Sue Johnson, Ph.D.,

a primary developer of EFT,

writes in her book, 

Love Sense...


Fixes offered for troubled relationships fail if they are not based on a proper understanding of love.  In general, therapists work with couples in two ways [neither of which are helpful]:


The first way is analytical.  Couples are asked to dig back and sift through their childhood experiences to find the reasons why they respond the way they do....


The second way is practical. Couples are instructed on how to communicate more effectively.... Or they are taught how to negotiate and bargain their way through divisive issues....


Ultimately, neither of these remedies work because they don't address the source of relationship distress, which is: the fear that emotional connection - the font of all comfort and respite - is vanishing.




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